TECNOSTAMP takes care of the management of all new product development activities or the continuous improvement of the performance of existing products, in direct collaboration with the customer.

One of the most important aspects of our work is being able to identify the customer’s needs in the best possible way, in order to propose the most appropriate solution.

TECNOSTAMP appropriately carries out the following activities:

  • Planning the production process and control systems
  • Optimization of the equipment and presentation of the final samples to the customer
  • Customer support in project and process validation
  • Analysis and definition of the customer's actual needs (Co-design)
  • Technical support for product development and optimization
  • Prototype equipment design
  • Design of standard equipment

Furthermore, among the accessory services to the design we can provide:


which allows us to verify the quality of the finished product. We therefore create some prototypes and test them, in this way, we can intercept any inaccuracies and correct them before proceeding to large-scale molding, saving energy, time and costs.

Reverse engineering

With the use of laser technology, in addition to the use of optical measuring machines, we can supply 3D mathematical objects, that faithfully reproduce the object studied.

Metal Replacement

Recently TECNOSTAMP has successfully specialized in the development of parts which require a change of raw material, from metal to high performance techno polymers (Metal Re placement). This methodology allows to improve the aesthetics of the product by reducing costs, ensuring the necessary structural characteristics in the pieces produced. The use of advanced technologies allows us to provide aesthetic solutions free from defects, with high-performance mechanics and optimized thicknesses. Our goal is to apply our best possible solution to give birth to your ideas.