The quality of the manufacturing process and the final product has always been an essential component of the company’s principles and an integral part of Tecnostamp’s business strategies.

The high-quality standards achieved are the result of our corporate culture. We make every effort to transfer and disseminate these concepts to every single operator on our team. From the quality of the process to the traceability of the production chain, from the quality of the working environment to the efficiency of the production processes, we are always looking for continuous improvement.



The monitoring of the production process is constant and is the basis of continuous improvement, a concept that Tecnostamp pursues every day, with the aim of constantly improving the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of what it produces. Working on projects, every possible change to the process is carefully studied, evaluated, implemented and verified following the logic of the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act).

  • FMEA Process
  • Process Capability (CP-CPK)
  • Identification and traceability


The production is constantly checked and controlled by the employees of the department, supervised by the Quality Manager. At pre-established intervals, each production of the 13 presses is checked not only aesthetically, but also functionally and dimensionally with qualified personnel and certified measuring instruments. Duly signed and stored samples are used for each component made, and a physical archive of samples shared with the customer is held to ensure the desired supply status.

  • Metrological and quality control laboratory
  • PPAP Level 3
  • 8D Report


A product of high precision or with high mechanical or aesthetic characteristics requires an adequate capacity for measurement, testing and control.

Most of our production is subjected to precise qualitative and dimensional specifications with tolerances of the order of a few hundredths of a millimeter, made within our internal measurement center.

Internal skills are integrated by constant collaboration with accredited laboratories.